WORDWEB: a net of linked nodal conceptual opinions

The words of any language form a chaotic lattice of connections. A wordweb consists of a selected few nodal opinions about concepts structured into a network of links. Secular concepts whimsically lever their advantage onto the pragmatically subversive with block and tackle. Ropes are rigged to support structures from whatever the perspective. Running lines reflect, invert and mirror the absurdity of existence. Flag symbols signal a message.

Many ideas and concepts are perpetuated unchallenged because of the circumstances of their promotion. Some are presented as being obvious to any but the stupid. Some are promoted because some prophet said some god said so. Some remain unchallenged because they are supposed to be so complicated only a genius can understand them. Self-appointed intellectual gurus filter out the awkward bits and present the remainder as a profound and reassuring simplification. Of course the most historically persuasive argument of all is that if you disagree you get burned or buried alive or shot.

Some concepts behave as if they run the ship. Nothing could be further from the truth as it were. Concepts are press-ganged conscripts... the captured slaves of plundered foreign galleons. They exist to be ordered about, keel-hauled, hung from the yard-arm, or made to walk the plank. Nothing in it's right mind would want to be a concept.

As well as viewing this wordweb-image collection as a potted-flower display, there are also aspects of its structure not unlike the songcycle. In the songcycle, a melodic voice line of text is accompanied by an instrumental commentary and enhancement. Each accompanied song is related to the others in the cycle by imagery, theme and mood. The text of each concept of the image wordweb is the source of the symbolic imagery associated with it and which in turn gives cause for elements in the text. Just as in the songcycle, where the melodic line and accompaniment are deprived when considered in isolation, so the image and text of the image wordweb become more when considered together than when separated. As well as the image-text relationship of each individual concept, the text forms part of a web of verbal conceptual links and the images are interrelated and mutually reinforce one another by sharing many symbolic visual elements. The image is intended to provoke interest in the words and the words are intended to enhance the image. The entire structure, however viewed, grew over many years in a random, non-linear and chaotic fashion, so that in presenting a range of simplifications of the cosmos, it will itself reflect the chaos from which it emerged.