WAR: the conflict resulting from human imperialistic territorial expansion

If one human population tries to invade territory currently held by another that is prepared to resist, then 'war' is the behaviour that results... no matter what attitudes the opposing populations have to the conflict, what the circumstances surrounding the event happen to be, or what the history of the region has recorded. Although initiating a war may be justified... by suggesting that the demands of 'honour', 'retribution', 'god's will', 'liberation", etc., will be satisfied... the stark reality is that the invasion is either an attempted exportation of authority, or an attempted importation of territory, or both. Ignoring all the protestations of 'rights' and 'wrongs' and 'justice' and so on, war behaviour is basically an imperialistic expansion of attitudes, laws, and boundaries. Re-invasion is just as imperialistic as invasion, since no human group has an absolute right to occupy one particular patch in the universe.

The core reasons for the perpetuation of human war behaviour continues to be 'gods' and 'greed'. If the promoter-priests are able to enthuse the general rank and file that their hypothetical chief executive demands subservience from the rest of the cosmos, then the population can be inspired to invade any regions not prepared to accept their way of thinking. If the curators of avarice are able to entice the citizens into believing that neighbouring regions have resources for the taking, then they can be induced into mobilizing their efforts and attempting to take those riches by force. The human population continues to expand. The resources of the planet are limited. War will continue to appeal to the aspirations of certain genetic types as being preferable to birth-control and gardening.

War is a pragmatic solution to many problems. For example, there is the physical problem of importing land. Using the persuasive power of well-armed numbers, the logistically difficult procedure of getting large tracts of foreign soil thru a customs entry point can be solved by acquiring the border structure of the external real-estate. This importation problem therefore is neatly solved by simply expanding the boundary borders outwards to include the required territory. Effectively, this results in the acquisition of additional land and resources on an extended deferred compensation basis, and has the additional benefit of by bypassing the initiative-sapping tedium of negotiation and the customary schedule of land-agent fees. Another 'peace-time' problem is the low profit margins experienced by financially struggling war technology manufacturers. War can boost the sales of swords and wooden legs to such an extent that a stimulus will be experienced by the whole economy, and money will start trickling down and leaking almost everywhere. Many other problems... like diminishing veteran memberships, high unemployment and under-utilised propaganda departments... can all be resolved by engaging in a vigorous period of hostile warfare.

Humans are weapon making animals who need to regularly test their devices out in the field. Early in their evolution, humans developed their first killing technologies to assist them in the survival exercise of hunting. The first wars would have been conducted with these same weapons being used to kill and take the resources of other humanoid groups. As new and more ingenious weapons were invented, and new and more sophisticated defences were created, an arms race evolved which has become an integral factor in the human condition. There is really no such thing as a hypothetical weapon. A weapon only works when it works, and that means testing it in an active war environment. Overpopulation, vanishing resources, and the necessity to have a testing program for new weapon technology, will ensure that war can be relied upon to play a part in any history yet to be recorded.

It will never be a pragmatic course of action to try to ban or eliminate the manufacture and possession of weapons. They have become part of the human psyche. Groups will always have a capacity to organize their technology to make or acquire weapons of some sort. A rock can always be used as a weapon. Fire can be used as a weapon. A gardening fork is a weapon. Ways will always be found for weapons to be constructed, dispersed and traded to various conflicting sides. War will continue to be a characteristic evolutionary behaviour of humans. Religious wars, drug wars, resource wars, civil wars, political wars, star wars... are all examples of a behaviour that has a secure future, because it has become intrinsic to the nature of the animal that exhibits it.