STABILITY:the capacity to sustain form and compensate for the intrusions of chaos.

Organizational forces and systems are necessary to resist the deconstruction of complexified entities. When a structure is formed from simpler components, it does so because forces can be configured and systems put in place, to temporarily delay its disintegration. A molecule can be constructed from diverse nuclear components because certain forces exist which are sufficient to resist its deconstruction for a certain period of time. A biological entity can only maintain a stable relationship with its environment if there are forces and systems in place that are able to neutralize the array of disruptive and perturbing influences. A political party can be constructed from individual members and will endure as a stable entity only while organizational influences have the strength to resist internal and external disruptions.

Stability is the degree of permanence attributed to an entity or a situation, which is relative to an assumed timescale of relevance. After all, anything can be considered as stable if the timescale is short enough. Stability is a measure of the duration of a condition of balance, whereby any energy inputs and outputs are sufficiently well compensated for, so that the range of disturbances of the system is keep within limits that ensure fatal extremes or violent oscillations are prevented. On a timescale of hundreds or even thousands of years, the structure of a geothermal region is often treated as stable enough for human life forms to explore, but on that timescale, the half-life stability of many sub-atomic particles is minuscule. Living forms can demonstrate a stability of sorts, if they can juggle the multifarious biochemical needs and perturbations, as well as avoiding such ultimate disruptions as being eaten or buried by a volcanic eruption. Things like spinning tops, floating boats, flying aircraft and leaning towers are only stable in those particular states to the extent that systems are in place to compensate for an uncooperative reality. The struggle of all life forms and their constructions is symbolised by the timer-glass balanced in a chaotic domain. Humans, fungi, gardens, buildings, emotional states or social organizations are all only sustained in their state of precarious unstable equilibrium by diverse inputs of energy which compensate for the unrelenting intrusions of a turbulent nature. Eventually the timer-glass will topple whether the sands have run out or not.

Individual entities can probably enhance their stability by being involved in an association of mutual benefit. Bodily organs cannot survive unassisted outside the biological entity, because they cannot sustain a stable continuity. A solitary bee cannot survive without the stability of the hive. All individual animals have a considerably enhanced longevity within a social group, and in a like manner, a human political or religious animal often has much reduced survival prospects outside of the stability of the organization which is currently calling the shots. Perhaps even a neutron locked up in an atomic nucleus has a much greater stability than when it isolated on its own. Carefully chosen associations can significantly enhance stability. Watering, weeding and protective measures against pathogens and pests can ensure the stability of a garden. Paint and blocks of sacrificial zinc can assist maintain the stability of the steel hull of a fishing trawler. Clothing, medication, food and shelter are in fact essential for the stability of individual human existence.

The flip-side of this phenomenon is that the stability of associations can be ruptured via a weakest link. The disruption of very few participants in a complex entity can induce a fatal instability. A whole government can be overthrown by the imprudent behaviour of one individual. The failure of the immune system of a human body to cope with an infection can result in death. The stability of the entire pyramid of gymnastic acrobats can be quickly compromised, by approaching the central unsuspecting support strongman and mercilessly squeezing his testicles.