PYRAMID: a structure, the apex of which is where numerous humans aspire to place their anus

A pyramid is a conceptual geometric structure formed by joining a single apex point to all points on a simple continuous closed plane base shape. The base is usually rectangular or circular, but could be any polygon. Although the pyramid in abstract is usually visualized in terms of a wire frame model, in reality it is usually constructed by humans in layers. They find the design almost irresistible, using it for social hierarchical organization, armies, mausoleums, administrative structures, sports performance edifices and commercial exploitation.

Cultural hierarchical pyramids are almost universal in all social aggregations... human or otherwise. Tribal organization, monocracies, dictatorships, caste systems and so on, are the most obvious, but virtually every human society will impose some sort of pyramid on itself sooner rather than later. All these social structures have common features. The base level has the largest membership. Each layer supports another smaller layer of fewer members above it. Except for the base, each layer screws the one below it. The uppermost layer is the only one with an apex for the anus of the single occupant. The reason these pyramids are often called rectilinear pyramids is because the rectum of the uppermost member is directly above all the lower layers.

The benefits of the hierarchical pyramid to the upper echelons are substantial, so it is a favoured corporate management structure as well. The upper levels of executive control spend considerable effort in acquiring the capacity to manage the flow of financial resources. Once this is achieved, they invariably divert resources into their own private holding tanks in inverse proportion to their intrinsic value to the total structure.

Cynically fraudulent sales arrangements also use the pyramid. Founders establishes themselves as an apex and subsequent subsidiary distribution layers are created by promoting the incentive to avaricious aspirants, so that each subordinate layer channels a commission of some sort to the layer above. By this mechanism, the early upper layers parasitically suck up resources from all the lower layers. This continues until either the bottom layers end up with an overpriced and unsaleable commodity and the whole pyramid collapses to the economic loss of the lower layers, or the lower layers are progressively replaced by a pool of naive and gullible recruits, who are used and fleeced and then discarded and replaced. Many trans-national economic models foster pyramid construction, often under the guise of promoting social benefits. The reality however is always the same. The broader the base, the higher the apex. Making the area of the base intercontinental ensures that the greatest physically possible exploitation of the workers, will pump ever more benefits to the few.

In the fields of sport and entertainment, the organization always provides a pinnacle achievement goal for all the poor sods who are the grass-root recruits. Sweat hard enough, practice hard enough, sacrifice enough and you too can feel the rectangular apex of the pinnacle of your dreams right where it belongs. Search out and exploit self promotion opportunities, pander to journalists, proliferate advertising possibilites, believe unreservedly in the cosmic indispensability of your own personality and an unflationary pyramid of public adulation will elevate your aspirations up into the stratosphere of ephemeral fame.