PREFACE: a mask which displays cultural bias in supposing to conceal it

As is the case with every point-of-view these opinions are biased. This preface attempts to influence the reader to view certain perspectives favourably and thereby reveals the intrinsic preferences lurking behind the mask. It is one of the most astounding phenomena of the human condition, that most individuals embrace their thoughts and actions as if they were independent of their specific nurture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, religious inclinations and political environment. The opinions of this writer however, admit a dependence on all of the above factors as well as providing evidence of having been deprived of the character-forming experiences of hunger, war, torture and execution for heretical or seditious oratory. Promoting opinions or theories as if they were unbiased is entirely delusional.

The non-specialist and earthy mood of these wordweb opinions is intended to serve as a reality check for all conventional wisdom and established 'certainties'. It evolved into an exhibition of images, that grew from seeds in the word-pots, as an attempt to construct a summary perspective about some of the phenomena and issues that an ordinary person would likely encounter during their life. It is a perspective of the common-person gardener, who participates with nature to produce life's necessities and pleasures, and for whom a spade is a multi-purpose tool. It is a perspective that accepts the chaotic nature of form in the cosmos and attempts to adopt the most common-sense down-to-earth pragmatism to cope with its uncertainties. In seeking to impose simplifications on the universe, it is of course inevitable that, like all other similar attempts, it will itself exhibit all the characteristics of chaos.

The opinions expressed here aspire to be short in stature. In any theatre of persuasion, opinions should expect to have diverse projectiles hurled in their direction, whether it be from the pits of prejudice or the threatened circles of power. A compact and ambiguous target will diminish vulnerability. Extensively elongated, padded, and costumed expressions of opinions exhibit themselves as distended and ponderous butts whilst they strut their thespian stuff. Large opinions tend to be very short on survival, whereas dwarfish opinions by contrast, learn to exploit the virtue of their stature and mobility.

Any perspective on any matter that is devoid of humour needs to be viewed with a great deal of suspicion. The theatre of endeavour that ignores or excludes the comic perspective will inevitably fail to comprehend its own absurdity. It is the humorous overview that incorporates an acceptance of the chaotic.

Organizations and institutions abound with individuals whose objective is to enhance the power of the upper echelons of their hierarchy by obtaining the compliance of ordinary individual citizens. Pyramid social structures like political parties, religious groups, financial corporations, military organizations and so on depend for their existence upon a broad base of subservience. In aspiring to an equitable 'fairness' for all members of a society and its institutions, democracy needs as large a base of individuals as possible and sceptical questioning must be an acceptable pragmatic behaviour. Any 'truth' uncovered by assiduous scruting is most unlikely to conform to expectations.

Life is too complex and randomly perturbed to suppose that it can be manipulated rationally. A play, an aircraft or an economic system does not work 'in principle'. It only works when it works, and not before. The cultivator of a glasshouse display doesn't plant virtual flowers or successfully propagate with theoretical techniques or equipment. The universe doesn't behave mathematically. It is chaotic. It just so happens that some mathematically based modelling turns out to be useful in prediction and design... that is all. Existence is best negotiated and manipulated by using pragmatic simplifications.