POLITICS : a public arena for personal ambition

Whilst political behaviour can be viewed from many perspectives, never the less its essential motivation is to realise the personal social ambitions of an individual from behind a mask of group solidarity. For the individual participant, politics is the display of a mask of publicly approved merits, worn in an attempt to acquire an empowering vote of confidence, whilst at the same time, obscuring the normal morass of personal failings, indiscretions and culpable acts. The prudent politician recognizes that it is most unwise to reveal their thoughts and personal circumstances, since journalists seize upon anything which is contrary to their prejudice and publicly promulgate their own self-serving bias as if it were a widespread public reality... usually to the severe detriment of the person being reported upon. Socially therefore, politics attracts individuals of a manipulative disposition who are highly skilled in the methods and means of deception. Ideologically, it is presumed to be the social forum wherein the communal interests of law and the provision of public amenities are substantiated, but pragmatically of course, it is the manoeuvring of cultural and ideological groups, to attain sufficient influence to impose the bias of their ideals on the remainder of the citizens. Horticulturally, the amateur recreationalist assumes politics to be satisfyingly irrelevant, whilst harbouring a sneaking suspicion that it somehow plays the same role in society as performed in the garden by compost.

The prime goal of political behaviour is to increase the power of one's own group whilst reducing the power of others. The realisation of any secondary social agendas is impossible without the on-going dominant power base. Whatever political forces are in play... military, religious, tyrannical or democratic... all groups choosing to enter the theatre will have power as their single dominant motivation. In spite of the aspirations of democratic ideals, the political stage will never be free of death and violence. Force has been a proven means of attaining power since before sex started advertising, and as such will always remain a pragmatic option for the determined. Other methods... like financial manipulation, religious persuasion and democratic voting... are demonstrated possibilities, but the advantages and allure of experiencing power are so addictive, that the desire to retain it becomes a self-interested objective. Violence will continue to be the ultimate option to sustain or remove an intransigent grasp on power.

Because of the biased and manipulative agendas of political individuals, statements made in a political context are almost always lacking in immediate credibility. The statements are either too vague, ambiguous or blatantly propagandist to merit serious consideration, too cautiously non-committal to provide any concrete information, or so full of vaguely plausible simplifications, that it would require a team of dedicated research statisticians with unlimited computing power most of their working careers to unravel their significance. True statements do not normally venture into the political environment because they risk being immediately overwhelmed by an unlimited horde of specious contradictions.

Since the accumulation of public funds is seen as the mechanism for realizing community projects, such a resource is entirely irresistible to a significant number of individuals. Once in power, politicians devote their time and effort to diverting funds into their own spheres of concern and self-interest. As a consequence, much of politics becomes a social process whereby it is made possible for communal funding to be hijacked behind a backdrop of supposed public interest, to facilitate the self-interested agendas of idealists, status seekers, zealots, control-freaks and the avaricious. However commendable and desirable the initial formative motives are for the creation of an organization to facilitate a project, the sustaining funding resource will inevitably attract individuals intent upon exploiting the situation for predominantly personal reasons. What was probably effective and praiseworthy during the formative phases of inception, rapidly degrades and corrupts as the deceptive parasites infiltrate the organization, and devise effective means of diverting resources to their own usage. When funds are made available to sponsor local or global activities and projects, and there are no ruthless termination criteria, then the supposed principal function will be progressively debilitated by metastasising sites of cancerous self interest.