GOD: any virtual cosmic director from whom self-appointed representatives claim delegated responsibility

'God' is the pseudonym ascribed to any virtual director by individuals or groups wishing to appoint themselves as officers with total delegated authority. The self-accredited officers then use this delegation of responsibility and communication to justify the range of psychotic acts they regularly indulge in. As a promotional strategy, they market their religious brand by developing elaborate costumery and displaying a range of complex circus skills. They have become masterful promoters of their virtual authority by way of theatrical illusion and deceptive intrigues of the intellect. 'Truth', 'reality' and 'belief' truncheons are juggled with breathtaking dexterity. Any number of contradictory absurdities can be sustained thruout their act. They easily defy gravity, air resistance, and the occasional cosmic particle, whilst at the same time conduct their everyday activities of eating, sleeping, drinking, sex and defecation.

To the adherents, willing or not, the director is a conveniently sacrosanct abstraction around which to promote, impose and expand the group superiority power base. The officer-priests rarely have any difficulty obtaining authority to sponsor evangelism, armed persuasion and terrorism to facilitate the expansion program. This is primarily because the director is an enthusiastic organizer, participant and adjudicator in the activities of war. Penalties and advantages are awarded according to the sincerity of abject pleadings. However, although secular observers are constantly reassured that the director is still in charge... by means of the promotion of the odd spasmodic miracle... the continuing unavailability of any form of personal comment has been the cause of increasing opinion poll scepticism. This unfortunate absence of any personally delivered mission statement from the director continues to test the ingenuity of most of the sales representatives.

The various self-promoting delegates and committees all publish a narrow selection of proscriptive and prophetic writings. Numerous and diverse noms-de-plume are ascribed to the hypothetical founding director-turned-author. The writings are invariably customised to assist the management of the franchised representatives, by primarily promoting a mindless and unquestioning faith based on a few core propositions. Whilst evaluation and literary criticism of the publications has been hindered for many generations by a vigilant execution of the critics, a generalised assessment is gradually becoming apparent. The claim that the publications are pragmatic manuals for life, beliefs and conduct is deflated by the numerous glaring deficiencies. The absurd and the comic pervade human experience, but bawdy poems or humorous interludes are entirely absent. It must be assumed that the concept of comedy is incomprehensible and that the director does not have a sense of humour. Not much help to a comedian. It would also appear that the director in question is so deficient in the areas of common knowledge... like biology, astronomy, mathematics, geology, evolution, anatomy, microbiology, meteorology, art, theatre, literature, computers, pollution, cooking, geography, chemistry, physics, economics, ethnic diversity, love, death, al... that praying to it for advice or assistance, is even less illuminating than a phone call to the pre-recorded sales-complaints help-line of a fraudulent sales company.

The dressed-up clown priests however, continue to promote the transmission of their specific form of psychiatric disorder and distorted reality to the susceptible and their defenceless children. So absurdly stupid has become their message, that they even promote 'death' as a means of attaining 'life'.