ENERGY: the cosmic commodity which substantiates reality

Energy transforms the cosmos and is the cosmos. Energy drives the weather and is the weather. Energy fuels life and is life. Every entity is a mode of energy. Nothing exists that is not a form of modified energy. Resources, things, thinking, information transfer, creation and destruction, gardens, space-ships and sex, are all subject to the rules of trading on the chaotic energy exchange. The essential feature of the cosmos is that of chaotic energetic interchange.

In spite of a widespread belief to the contrary, there are in fact no spiritual entities existing in some privileged ephemeral state... exempted from energetic interchange. Every aspect of the universe reveals itself in terms of its participation in the energy exchange. Until a mode of energy is detected, it cannot be considered to exist. There are no disembodied faeries being interviewed, shuffled, sorted and traded by some sort of omnipresent cosmic executive. Energy is the only commodity for barter in the cosmos and there is a cost transaction involved in every transformation. There are no exceptions.

Energy enforms space time and matter. Existence imposes energetic dimensions on an entity, so that space is the existential domain of energy, and time is the recorded perception of its periodicities. When something moves, energy relocates and if there are observable periodicities, then time can be perceived as passing. For time to pass, energy must reconfigure periodically.

Energy is the universe and energy is everywhere. The concept of empty space is a nonsense. Every place in the cosmos, whether it be between the galaxies, inside or outside of hypothetical black holes, or inside or outside of atomic matter, has always been perpetually awash with the translocation of photons and neutrinos and the diverse manifestations of the energetic substance. Energy is what we experience, what we are, and the stuff we bank on.