CITIZENSHIP: a social status inherited by locals or conferred on suitable aliens

Citizenship is a mode of certification conferred by a geographic and political authority whereby a prescribed range of rights and obligations are established for an individual member. In the normal course of events this condition is acquired uncontested at birth and as a consequence, like good health, held in no great esteem until such time as it is lost or in question. Those aliens wishing to become included within the authority must be prepared to be subjected to the local constraints of laws and conventions and having such preparedness recorded officially by the authority.

Certification confers a range of rights which depend upon the acceptance of social obligations. A broad-brush weighted array of taxation and legal constraints are accepted and in return various rights to protection, welfare, democratic participation, etc are granted. Each society however, evolves an immune system of legislation and policing which attempts to control those intrusions deemed to be a threat to its survival. The external physical threats of invasion are planned for by whatever military ingenuity is able to be implemented and whatever treaty arrangements can be entered into with neighbouring states. Internal threats are allowed for by a range of legislation and retribution mechanisms continually modified by the authorities as any new and changing menace is perceived to become evident. As well as a core set of rules relating to the protection of lives and property, there is always an extensive class of proscriptions implemented against various forms of speech and the promulgation of ideas and beliefs. The oft extolled 'freedom of speech' is severely constrained in all societies under an umbrella authority. No society can allow speech that is slanderous, perjurious, inciting to ethnic violence etc and survive. One certainly cannot disseminate information to foreign states about internal security arrangements. In short, along with the rights of citizenship and its obligations, there will always be legislated restrictions. Striking the balance between prudent, pragmatic common sense and paranoid proactive censorship is an ever-present dilemma.

None of the individual variations in human morphology carry with them any verifiable 'right' to privilege or dominance. None of the differences in size, weight, colour, strength, intellect, etc have any relevance whatever to any authoritarian claims to dominance by some form of consensus 'right'. Certainly an individual might have attained dominance by 'strength of arms' or duplicitous and manipulative cunning, but there was no justifiable reason to have pre-ordained and certified it. Given the verifiable reality that human males are merely modified females, even the male dominance culture that pervades most societies has less substance than most males would admit. No citizen, of whatever variation, has a right to dominance that has been pre-approved either by society itself, or by some hypothetical god. The most obvious and pragmatic procedure therefore, is to adopt a 'democratic' form of selection for all matters of social organization where as few as possible of citizens have been denied any of the common rights.

Whilst the ideal of democracy... whereby the citizens have a means of influencing the circumstances of all the members... is is at least a practical possibility in trying to avoid destructive dissent, never-the-less, as a means of ensuring citizen satisfaction it is difficult to realize. Establishing a broad base of citizens with the right to vote, and ensuring that the group in power honours a commitment not to punish any utterings or promulgations that are anti-establishment, is very frequently a situation that is prevented by force. Whatever social grouping manages to get its hands upon the reins of power, it immediately begin manipulating the rights and obligations of the citizens. If these manipulations are done with the intent of promoting its own status and advantages at the expense of other groups, then the foundations of dissent, revolt and revolution are surely laid. The genetic evolution of a significant proportion of individuals with an urge for the unbounded acquisition of resources, has ensured that a stable democratic social order is never permanently achievable. If the rich and powerful citizens are engaged in accumulating disproportionate quantities of the social wealth, then democracy is almost certainly not working.

For a society to be able to minimize dissent and foster general benefits, the citizens must obtain direct democratic regulatory and administrative control over food production and distribution, defence, justice, and the monetary system.