AVALERISM: a condition whereby an individual uncritically adopts an alternative reality

Individuals exhibit avalerism when they unresistingly incorporate an external presented circus reality into their daily lives without invoking the pragmatic mundane accumulations of their experience. Thus for example, having seen, experienced and learned about the chaotic and deadly consequences of floods, earthquakes, disease and war, they never-the-less accept and promote the absurd notion of a 'creative and loving god'. Or having been presented in the media with selective and politically correct viewpoints, the avaleristic recipient accepts without question that certain sectors of society are to blame for certain perceived ills, or even that humans are the prime cause of the climatic changes taking place on the planet. Whilst the condition is widespread thruout society, never-the-less it is still somewhat bewildering that it can even occur within the ranks of the down-to-earth planters of plants. Some have been known to nurture large genetically modified monocultures in the belief they are doing some ill-defined purpose a favour. Some are driven by mystical convictions to only sow their seeds at the appropriate propitious phase of the moon. There are even a few who will grind up the carbonised sexual organs of an annoying pest species and sprinkle the material around in the hope that some sort of protection will be forthcoming. Nature is full of chaotic surprises of course, but there seems no point in going to court over the intellectual property rights as yet.

Being immersed in the simplifications of another reality perspective can have the effect of suppressing the relevance and importance of the unique established reality of the individual being saturated. If the self-image of an individual is not particularly entrenched, that individual's own personal reality is easily dissolved by the immersion into a vigorously promoted alternative reality. The promoted perspective swamps, overwhelms and anaesthetizes the individuals established interests and priorities. The individual... in a manner of speaking... can become 'brainwashed'. The avaleristic individual does not assess and evaluate the pragmatic realities of the promoted perspectives, but allows critical values, mature refection and objective analysis to be abandoned or suppressed and consequently not invoked. Avalerism thus results from an undue susceptibility to giving credence to one or more alternative belief universes. It is a form of synoptic intellectual gullibility.

The use of imagination in all forms of art is not avalerism but is the faculty upon which the art-form depends. Everything that is available in the immediate existence is temporarily suspended and all the values, ideals, conditions, resources and circumstances of the presented art-form are incorporated into an imaginative construct. The individual can become entirely absorbed into the universe of a play, book, piece of music or visual art... whilst it has their attention... but in most circumstances a return to 'normality' is relatively swift. It is in fact the phenomena upon which the escapism of art, theatre and entertainment depend. Individuals might be influenced to favour a perspective portrayed by a series of creative works... like cubism, modernism or romanticism for example... but they could not normally be accused of avalerism because their critical faculties would probably not have all been turned off. Never-the-less, many self-promoted critic-experts in all the fields of arts and science, focus themselves on the narrow perspective of their expertise, and adopt that as the basis against which all else is compared. They have swallowed hook, line and sinker, their shakespeareanism, relativism, expressionism or whatever, and have become incapable of objectively evaluating alternative realities. Certainly there have always been avalerist scientists who have adopted a particular theory or set of hypotheses as if no other option was possible or conceivable.

The intellectually receptive swallowing of a presented simplification of reality is encouraged and manipulated by diverse vested interest groups. Without an already established self-world that an individual can return to and be comfortable with, being absorbed by an introduced parallel world is a distinct possibility. Each world view promotes its own concepts and values as being existentially significant and very often actively recruits adherents... be it politics, science, religion or sport. A proselytizing universe presents simplifications which from lack of scrutiny often appear plausible. The avalerist initiate unresistingly swallows the presented perspective, becomes a 'convert' and is hence available for manipulation. Aspiring scientists become disciples of the model in fashion. Citizens acquire the attitudes towards other social groups and countries because of the propaganda bias of media control. Young religious converts aspire towards the goals and rewards of martyrdom. Young men are recruited as soldiers for the promised fame, fortune power and glory.

Avalerism only occurs if there is a complete absence of simple sceptical thinking.