Once a simple someone had a few retirement funds
under the shade of approved policy
and he dreamed that he heard a promotion while he workly toiled...
'Who'll come a vesting the Market with me?'

Vesting the Market, Vesting the Market
Who'll come Investing the Market with me
and just dream and just watch and just wait until the market boils
Who'll come Investing the Market with me."

Soon came a listing touted by those in the know
In jumped the someone and bought them for a fee
be it tulips or houses or marketing illusion shares
they'll never come with a legal guarantee


Up came a player stroking his portfolio
Down came the brokers one two three
the value of your shares is no longer what you paid for them
we'll move the funds to another addressee


Sad slumped the someone stripped of all his asset base
knowing in hindsight he couldn't foresee
and the whiff of his funds drifted briefly round the trading floor
then all the punters took time to have a pee



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