unpainted flowers

you left
some unpainted flowers
in the morning light
of another day
beside the brushes
and the unused colours
of your life

we pressed them
like pigmented fossils
betwen the layered pages
of our heirloom archives

parchment images
of colourwashed blooms
that know of links
to the very beginnings
of cretaceous lines
lie unmounted
on your workdesk
for the awarenesses
of future times

amidst the patterned varieties
of your cultivated garden places
comfortable and familiar
with design and formal latin names
the weeds of your choosing
can germinate unchecked

for us
for whom
you have now become
integrated inextricably
into the network web
of all our recollections

the fires will still burn
and break the dormancy
of waiting seeds

the rains will still erode
and scour the sediments
of the upthrusting earth
to make the strata
of future eras
and bring the seeds to life

the temporal layer of abscission
that joined you to our time
has sheared
and you have now begun
your timeless journey
to be again
amidst the wild uncultivated flowers
and the ancient red eroded outback dust

for jenny nev2017