God-damnation in defeat
punctured pride and jibes to eat
slinking a discrete retreat
planning for a backup stand
Brighten up our faded star
bring us back at least to par
since we didn't get that far
time to sport a black armband

Failure is quite common place
and takes riches to replace
brace us to withstand disgrace
don't assume we're secondhand
We will cull and innovate
praise the best and motivate
give us strength to clean the slate
We will test another brand

Sure we lost the right to boast
and to tweet a bragging post
seems that we were had on toast
they just got the upper hand
Sure the battle curbed our might
losing hurts when things are tight
with no cause to brag and skite
life is hard to understand.

Maybe with a fund increase
all our money woes will cease
we could try performance grease
...maybe try extract of gland...
We can still proclaim our game
while we think outside the frame
to allot and settle blame
and dish out the reprimand

We forgive the referee
even though we don't agree
listen to our plea to see
castles rebuilt in the sand
Time to use the rubbish can
Time to flush stuff down the pan
Time to change our power plan
Time to change the rubber band


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