i am a transport truckin man
i live behind the wheel
i drive a monster diesel rig
with drawbars made of steel

i thunder down the highway lanes
on two or three score tyres
delivering a load before
the paperwork expires

by day or night in rain or sun
i drive and dream of beers
subconsciously recycling thru
the twenty seven gears

i fuel up when there is a chance
of hamburger and chips
and decorate inside the cab
with lots of boobs and hips

i keep awake on long-haul runs
with fags and caffein shots
and clean my mirrors to ensure
a record with no spots

the road-trains thru the outback dust
of fuel and mine-ore runs
were logged into my last CV
and weighed two hundred tons

my airhorn can be heard for miles
it rattles all the glass
it warns the little lady cars
that i am on their arse

my airhorn echos miles around
reverberating class
it warns the nervous rental cars
that i am going to to pass

© nev2016

MuseScore generated audio without vocals