the hat

the hat for an unhairy hominid
must be chosen with flamboyant flair
for the day can be tepid or torrid
and one needs to remain debonair

for whether the head is denuded
by a chemical treatment or wax
all the thoughts of becoming secluded
can be stemmed with some hat artifacts

some flowers grow well in the sunshine
although many don't fade in the shade
for a hat is a quite useful anodyne
when you go where the blooms are displayed

a fan should be there when its formal
and removed when ones out in the field
although that would be quite unconventional
getting knighted...(pause)...while you were kneeled

a hat is an item of clothing
often hung up just when you arrive
but we sometimes will want to wear something
(so our mirrored self-image will thrive)

a hat is an adjunct of living
which we use when we want to revive
from the heat of the sun unforgiving
and the challenge for us to survive

for Jenny    nev 2015