floating high above the earth
an other-worldly
disembodied thought
objectively observed
the patterns and the life-paths
of the things upon the ground

almost without exception
on a timescale
that extended
from one parent to the next
a residence
with an address
upon a piece of labelled land
accumulates when occupied
associated stuff

a vortex field
of acquisition
spiraled in towards
each residential tenant
causing entities of diverse sorts
not firmly fastened down
by screws or glue
or heavy market price
to trace a path
along the lines of force
to finally adhere
to every surface in and out
of the uniquely named
inhabited location

chairs and thrones
and sculptured art
and walls of painted images
square framed in gold and wood
and feathered cloaks and jeweled crowns
and tables carved from trees
and shelves of books and copper pots
and cupboards full of bric a brac
and pots and pans and fiddlesticks
and drawers of clothes and kit
and garages with cars and bikes
and broke machines and bits
and sheds with hoarded useful junk
and half filled cans of paint
and chests and cardboard boxes
in an attic in the roof
and cluttered piles
of half-worn shoes
and brooms and mats
and barbeques and mouldy tents
all stacked in every corner
in the basement down the stairs

and when the hearse at last arrives
to take the life to dust
the force that bound
the congeries of stuff
attenuates and fades away

so that all the bits and pieces
of the close accumulation
all begin to drift apart
and follow all the strongest lines
to where they are converted
into heirlooms in another space
or rubbish in another place
or simply into universal cash