we think we are a 'species' without par
to now manipulate the source of life
and alter evolution from its tracks
with cars and flight and dams and drugs and knife

but whether you are self-aware or no
the flow of nature still is changing you...
are not you altered in some little ways
from even near progenitors you knew?

your toenails are much smaller are they not?
...than those your parents had to clean and clip...
so maybe in a million years or so
the toes no longer will with nails equip

and if as drawn by feathered patterned dance
the size of penis and of breast attracts
the bias of such focus breeding will
provide for what an antecedent lacks

so do you like to feel a skin thats smooth?
and take the time to pluck unwanted hair?
descendents of the children you won't know
will favour epidermis that is bare

somewhere about 2 billion years ago
the blue bacteria ensnared the sun
and changed with oxygen the atmosphere
from whence our own aerobic life begun

by stressing every habitat on earth
and splicing genes where they have never been
ourselves and many other living forms
will take on shapes and actions unforeseen

so who has classed you as a 'sapiens'?
a wise and upright plantigraded clod?
it wasn't you by any chance perhaps
the same demented one that made up 'god'?

now if you think a 'homo' should have legs
as one of its specific sorting traits...
is something still a human with but one
...or even three... because a gene mutates?

to interbreed... you say... makes you the same
and that is how you classify your group
-infertile social workers do not count
-and homosex is kept outside the troupe

you think it must be science that guides the way
and you are what you are thru DNA
but you still say what counts as yay or nay
and if a 'species' name is here to stay

the 'species' that has chosen you to be
and use your sex to change and to evolve
does not exist as shape nor form nor thing
but is a class that time and thought dissolve

for 'sapiens' will lose its nails and toes
select for giant genitalia
become a hominid devoid of hair
down to the smallest little cilia

'erectus' morphed into a 'sapiens'
now 'glaber copulatum' will evolve
and whilst the present and the past is gone
the earth around the sun will still revolve

© nev2016