SADIE     1998 - 2018

little friend

we had a common
distant ancestor
you and i

we are both
it would seem
at the end...
of countless replications
and randomized mutations
made by helices
of anti-parallel
encoded molecules

you joined us
feisty little
feline spirit
and shared
a number of cycles
of wanderings
thru space and time

all the gardening
phases of the moon
and making sure the house
was well supplied with mice

we talked and thought
about the nature
of the universe
and of our place within

and we aged

we heard fewer
of the birds...
our leaps
year by year...
we often missed
what once
was plain to see...

one night of lightning strikes
and winter storms
the last strands
of your resolve
and came unwound

you told us it was time to go

you climbed up
on my lap
and said goodbye
then went alone
out into the cold and rain

we carried
your last awareness
back into
a sheltered warmth

and there we eased
the final heartbeats
of your life

we were a team
for our time

i learned from you
how some important things
might best
be done

© nev2018

MuseScore generated audio without vocals

© nev2016