pomes are fossil words
a collection set
of graphic residues
of personal concern
about some aspect
of the cosmic condition
that individuals have deemed
to be worthy
of comment

they are the non grammatical
and non linear
skeletal formulations
of linguistic expressions
about certain preoccupations
that demand
to be addressed

the graphic form
revealed by excavation
or tectonic shifts
disjuncts the layout page
with visual and aural enhancements
and enigmatic equivocations
of meaning

can leave
a verbal fossil

anyone can write in words
whatever stays a focus
of their own experience
and thereby leave
a structural trace
in the cultural strata
of what one individual thought
about one aspect
of existence

every fossil
has a story to reveal
though it be but a fragment
of what was once alive

any fossil
can only record
the solitary outlines
of a single entity
of a single species

a pome fossil
graphically preserves
the observable remains
of the thoughts
of its creator
as a trace
in the layers
of symbolism

© nev2016