they say i'm just a snooker ball
they tell me i can vote
and polling prophets want to know
the colour of my coat

it might be red it might be green
it might be black or blue
or yellow, brown or pink or white
or mixed-up hybrid hue

the modelling math men took the call
of chance primordial
and from a barrel came up with
the multinomial

they tossed some coins and threw some dice
and tried to read the cards
they lucky-dipped some sample balls
then bet on hoist petards

i'm not a barrel billiard ball
nor bump upon the baize
my colour changes like a squid
chameleon displays
i lie and act and break the rules
change donkey if it brays
to make the seers seem like fools
i dress in shades of grays

© nev2017

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