dreams are the substance of stars

being is the being of images creative and eternal
encompassing the immeasurable domain of stars and time

suns will wax and wane from out the spatial realm of interstellar time
and emanate expanding red or shrinking blue
across the relativity of dimension and duration

mind ensensed with life ebbs and flows with the motions of the air
and evolves upon a restless sphere
with the passage of the tides of conscious time

form coheres into ephemeral flecks
that transmute and shape the genesis of quantimated thought

sense feedback is filed into vastly minute molecular resevoirs
structuring the consequences of volition
and delineating the boundaries of identity

ideas constrained by patterns of genetic modes
integrate from remembered forms
simplifications aspiring to the illusion of inflexibility
create penumbral delusions of things purported to be ontological

entities acquire no more than the essence of mutability
nameless and un-nameable images of dreams
wherein there does remain no aspect to denote
nor attribute that might support a category of mind

thought resonating in communication of concepts in concert
reworks a heritage of remembered perceptions
towards the delusion of absolute invariance

awareness but rarely original
expanding in cyclic spirals of reanalysis
fractures and dissolves the public boundaries of dogma

energy modifies and builds upon the past
no thing is created by chance
everything participates in and is related to
the creative chaotic process

dreams are the substance of stars