time passes at rates that perplex
much quicker than living expects
you've run out of surplus
the moment you notice
great grandchildren flirting with sex

have fun playing games growing old
when things that are smooth start to fold
and hips need replacing
and hearts get some pacing
while bucket lists use up the gold

your hearing might miss the odd cue
reviewing a treble kazoo
an aid in each deaf ear
allows you to rehear
the tinkle of pee in a loo

you can't find your glasses to see
the print is all blurry and wee
you need your trifocals
to read the subtotals
and make the bank balance agree

though -ectomies slice off some bits
one does what the remnant permits
when push comes to shoving
by living or loving
before any vital part quits

its getting much harder to walk
or balance some peas on a fork
to do a good head-stand
not stress out the joints and
avoid any vertibral torque

by all means lets think well ahead
and plan a reunion instead
but kindly remember
that as from december
some friends have been 30 years dead

the list of your things is absurd
you hoarded your stuff undeterred
you said you'd declutter
...a disinclined mutter...
and soon you must honour your word

you thought you knew when you were born
but cells in your brain have all worn
a certified dating
cuts out the debating
though you could have cheerfully sworn

another good friend has just died
your circle is shrunken and dried
another brief send-off
when links are all cast-off
as time-dwelling knots are untied