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could have
less relevance
or impact upon the cosmos
than the infinitesimal influence
of these

when earthquake
violently deforms
and fractures
rock and home
and shatters
all the human
hopes and dreams
of glass

the transient irrelevance
of syntactical conceits
are unceremoniously buried
beneath the lethal chaos
of a merciless
and random

could be less durable
or have less substance
than the fragile associations
of these

when tsunami floods
and pyroclastic flows
annihilate the plans
and aspirations
of adventurous life

just so
are the fleeting trivia
of intelligent speculation
swept to oblivion
along with the godless debris
of scouring
and erosion

is less enduring
or leaves a fainter trace
than these sequences of symbols
scratched in the wet sands of time
as meaningful

when endless cycles
of unbounded duration
abrade and obliterate
all ancient forms
and rarely leave
a partial residue
of what was once
a momentary thing

the cosmos
does not care
and in a brief one million years
a homo futurus species
may not comprehend
what the purpose even was
of writing words

{ © nev2016 }