the pulse of a limerick specie
(iamb anapest phyrric trochee)
one only can say at
the end of the day that
it sounds analytic baloney

'musical' three-beat analysis with full complement of syllables

312 312 312 silent 3-beat
thepulseof aLim-mer- -icspec--ie (2-beat rhymeA)
^/ ^ ^/ ^ ^ /^
i-amb an--a-pest phyr--ic tro--chee (2-beat rhymeA)
oneon--ly cansayat (2-beat rhymeB)
theendof thedaythat (2-beat rhymeB)
itsoundsan- -al--yt--ic ba--lon--ey (2-beat rhymeA)

reward expectations of crumpet
for playing a tune on a trumpet
is useless if she has
no interest to be as
reputedly known as a strumpet

312 312 312 silent 3-beat
re--wardex- -pect--a--tions ofcrum--pet (2-beat rhymeA)
forplay--ing atuneon atrum--pet (2-beat rhymeA)
isuse--less ifshehas (2-beat rhymeB)
noint--erest tobeas (2-beat rhymeB)
re--put--ed- -lyknownas astrum--pet (2-beat rhymeA)

there was an old man with a beard
whose penis was highly revered
in bed he was famous
for coitus audacious
and acts that were whimsically weird

salacious verse crafted as lewd
like limericks writ in the nude
a ploy pornographic
a semantic tactic
to get in the mood to be screwed

a limerick ought to be rude
asserted a literary dude
whilst roaring some whoopee
type choruses as he
knocked back the grog...local... home-brewed

some limericks strive to be nice
and not linked straight off to a vice
to write the rhyme righter
the aspiring writer
would splice in some sex in a trice