tribrach and spondee, dibrach iamb
four footed layout just like the lamb
call one a choree if you're inclined
stir up a problem someone will mind

this is a primetime pipeline design
made for the mindless who all incline
towards ecclesiastical wine
drunk with a wafer kneeling in line

this is a hymn rhyme, metered in time
raising the standards, to the sublime
all the big belfry bells will all chime
this is a hymn rhyme this is a rhyme

mischevious mission hopefully blest
with the approval of the repressed
seeing the words all buggered around
hearing the sounds from deep underground

this is a diamond shining sublime
moulded by pressure long overtime
cut by abrasive fluids of slime
glinting with starlight under the grime

written insurance, history is mine
o what a future reverse divine
source of creation, brimming with whim
singing with joy this interim hymn

this is my spondee this is my rhyme
after the tribrach birth of the line
next is the dibrach tapping the time
then a wee iamb foot to align

© nev2015

MuseScore generated audio without vocals