The bodies of our ancestors are mouldring in the grave
but there's more and more descendants on the propagation wave
cos they're wanting more and more of every thing thats cool to crave
...their needs grow on and on...

Gal-orie-orie Grow forever
Gal-orie-orie Grow forever
Gal-orie-orie Grow forever
The Growth is Marching on.

The notion that a biped without feathers is the best
that it needs a lot of living space... so bugger all the rest...
so the truth that is emerging is its just a bloody pest
...that often vents in song...
Species after species all evolve and go extinct
and it doesn't really matter what you do or say or think
You can wag your tail or weep and wail and really make a stink
You'll still be just plain wrong!
We think the earth is heating cos we're burning fossil fuel
...and denying such conclusions is inviting ridicule...
since it looks as if the atmosphere is pooling every joule
...the ice has come and gone...
We'll think up ways of trading soot and making richer rich
and then get a system set-up and installed without a hitch
we can count this in and exclude doesn't matter which
...a Carbon Ration Con...
We'll wriggle words and bracket out with diplomatic squirm
and get softened here and sweetened there before we will confirm
then we'll try and get approval to partake another term
... prescribing salvation...
We'll hold a huge symposium and postulate constraint
just to counteract the picture that the pessimistic paint
let's all hope we get the blessing of a sympathetic saint
...and grow the next billion...

Glory Glory Hallelujah
Glory Glory Hallelujah
Glory Glory Hallelujah
The Truth is Marching on


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