Oh count-ry ours this land of god
we stand to hon -our thee
we sing your name in words of praise
one home where all are free
our sov-ereign state our place of peace
of love and lib -er- ty
[ZEA- LAND -I- A ] [ZEA- LAND -I- A ]
all hearts in un -i- ty

To- geth-er will we brave the foe
and win the vic -tor- y
the mem -ory of our na-tion's blood
En- dure e- ter -nall- y !
the peo -ple raise the flag on high
to fly o'er earth and sea
[ZEA- LAND -I- A ] [ZEA- LAND -I- A ]
for ev -er more will be

© nev2016

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