gas warfare

for many years peasants and monks alike
have watched from the sidelines
as highly trained knights
loyal to the royal big bang
have defended their liege in combat
against intruding and solitary wandering champions

armed with weapons of great technological power
shielded behind impenetrable armour of obscure symbolism
they have hacked and hewed at any adversary
who dared to question their mystical belief
in the origin of being

occasionally pausing between their jousting in the lists
they ride over and tell us how their latest weapons
promote the crusade of their own cosmic perspective

but these knights so highly skilled in weaponry
have mis-used the meaning of the language of their origins
the meaning of the language of the peripheral peasantry

concepts developed from birth
and the language we use to express those concepts
must needs remain a common heritage

an upwind peasant farmer
with an earthy appetite for dining philosophically
on an exclusive diet of beans
would inevitably be forced
to break wind

an unruly crowd of revolting peasants
offered a free bean buffet
would have the digestive power
to generate enough gas
to render the currently defended jousting lists
entirely uninhabitable