...i remember...i remember...
it was but a day ago
when the sea had started ebbing
and our breath was young and slow

we were hopeful in the morning
that our journey would be fine
on the mirrored tidal beachway
worn from faults of layered time

so we ventured past the breakers
with umbrellas for the sun
and we could have caught the buggy
but we walked it for the fun

yes we walked along the tidezone
yes we walked the whole damn way
and we climbed up to the headland
and we stayed almost a day

and we lived amidst the gannets
for the daydream that it brings
and we saw their diving seacatch
and we almost touched their wings

...i remember...i remember...
was it but a dream ago
now the tide has started flowing
and the evening sun is low

for Ruth and Tom 1962nev2006