and i was young
for several years
and never saw the signs
the pulse and throb
moves out on flow
and back on fading ebb

with eyes of youth
my sight was clear
and all was sharp to see
but sight of sight
saw only there
that sight could never see

my heart was caged
within my chest
and beat confined by life
my breath was drawn
that mind may be
to be but not to stay

this dream of life
this conscious sleep
this waking wait for death
this formless flight
this drift of weed
this wave that's damped to naught

i sang a song
while all around
ths strange accompniment
did match each sound
and keep each beat
and played when i had ceased

my ashes drift
a line of grey
above translucent depths
they start nearby
and gently twist
and vaguely pass from sight