drifting sound and honey scent
rotting pine stump
boot marks in the clay

...breathe the air...
the incense in the air
the white flowered manuka

fading laugh
dusty roads and summer hay
diesel traction
smell of sheepshed wool
whistle... take the dogs
and climb the hill

...rest in the shade...
from the sunhazed heat
beneath the white flowered manuka

coloured clouds
cool night air and autumn growth
broken fenceline
chewing brown-eyed cow

...listen to the wind...
to the rustle of the wind
thru the white flowered manuka

days of rain
waiting nights of sheltered dark
sun far distant
thinking of the spring

...shelter from the storm..
from the gusting of the squall
behind the seed scrub manuka

bleat of lamb
morning shower and clean fresh air
sun returning
bootdeep wet new grass

...watch the growth...
the rebirth of the earth
and budded flowering manuka

but now my time has gone
so lie with me
and watch the years
drift past my sightless eyes

...recall the summer sound...
the rustle of the wind
thru the white-flowered manuka

for Geof died ~1962     1962nev2014