lets sing of cycling ding- a- ling
in ly- cra cov-ered thighs
each seat- ed on a hard-ened ring
with shades a-round the eyes

in slippery slinky clothes that cling
with nothing to surmise
in helmets made for air and wing
on wheels that optimize

so up the rise or down the hill
then on the flat again
and ride thru frontal polar chill
and into the wind and rain

recycling gears with well-drilled skill
too tempered to complain
avoid the highspeed downhill spill
and sing a plain quatrain

lets sing of cycling ding- a- ling
a peleton that flies
and dream that maybe life might bring
a yellow jersey prize

lets sing of cycling ding- a- ling
more ly- cra cov-ered thighs
in mud-besplattered clothes that cling
and all that that implies

with helmet cameras un-wine-ding
each rooted rocky rise
recording runs of pe-dil-ling
on tricky bike trail lies

so up the ridge or down the gut
or thru the bouldered stream
around the slippery muddy rut
then flirt with speed extreme

fat traction tyres with shards un-cut
and braking discs that scream
light shock absorbing frames that jut
the aim to reign supreme

lets sing of cycling ding- a- ling
of physics that defies
of leaps of faith on wheels that bring
a means to reach the skies

© nev2016

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