if you think
as you probably do
that "one plus one is two"
is a universal and timeless truth
then you are just as deluded
as if you still believed
that god exists

perhaps you think
the statement "1+1=2"
is an existential truth
beyond questioning

that such a thought
is so self-evident
that there is nothing
sensible to discuss

to think
about anything
must take some time
since instantaneous thought
is not an existential possibility

a timelessness
devoid of periodic repetitions
is not a state that any region
of the universe
seems prepared
to adopt

it takes time
to decide whether
a percieved configuration
can be classified
as a countable "one" entity
according to unambiguous and
clearly defined specifications

of thing with names
{cube} {bean} {bird}
{tent} {shop} {flag}
{city} {road} {star}
{word} {verb} {idea}

it will then
take additional time
to decide whether
a different percieved configuration
can also be classified
as a countable
"one" entity
that is identical
to the first "one" entity
in all respects
except their position
in time and space

if a particular awareness
decides in the affirmative
then the probability
that the remainder
of the universe
of awarenesses
will agree
is about

so to begin with
deciding whether
one entity
is identical to
another entity
in the real world
will fail to get
universal consensus
any further statements
are quite arguably

is not a universal "truth"
we can probably never
universally decide
what "1" means

if an individual awareness
for their own purposes
that one entity
is sufficiently similar
to another entity
that those entities can be treated
as identical
symbolizes the process
that awareness "counts"
by associating both entities
into a group
and labelling that "count"
as a "2"

can never be
some sort of symbolic statement
about a universal
and static condition of existence
because the cosmos
is unceasingly chaotic and never static

no part of the universe
will remain unalterably configured
long enough
for an awareness
to classify it
as a unique and identifiable "one"

bubbles and photons
wait for noone
mountains and stars
endlessly evolve

is nothing more
than a convenient
and pragmatic record
of a counting process
carried out in time
by an awareness
in doing such a thing

© nev2017