so if you want to win a mate
to see if you can procreate
then bias choice with feather hue
some urine scent or honey dew
or if you want to win a fight
just get to where your might is right
cos otherwise you'll need a trick
a cunning ploy or heavy brick

but lotteries are trials of chance
with equal outcome circumstance
for no one wins a cup or plate
so claim your prize and celebrate

perhaps you want to win a race
and keep in front at any pace
so get a shot of this and that
to bias any tit with tat
you think you want to win a game
and bask in all the trophy fame
so break the rules so noone sees
and grease the palms of referees

when counting numbers spun for fun
the roulette wheels will hope outrun
no medals ever mark a win
and margins save the house's skin

suppose you want to win at war
to glory gore and settle score
then make your weapons better still
and bias news with overkill
because you want to be top dog
become a little earthly god
just bend and bias every chance
but trust no-one and look askance

to win a raffle at the fete
you buy a ticket duplicate
the bias free and random draw
will get a hamper nothing more

© nev2018

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