Twas bias made the choice of pipes
from all the other wind-bag types
so suck it in and cease your gripes
just shut your face!
don't care about your arty snipes
so grit and brace!

We'll play this air with drone sustain
a mixolydian refrain
and skirl the notes with proud distain
so sound the tune!
and then repeat it fain again
from muse immune!

Tis bias also using rhyme
just like a sort of verbal crime
its art that rises from the slime
...suppress your scorn!
it might not quite be art sublime...
It suits a horn!

so sound the bagpipe with the drone
and ne'er let slip a dowie groan
of all the noise ye e'er ha' known
on you 'tas grown
the skirl and thirl stands all alone
nae tone it doane

pipes gripes snipes swipes
fain feign brain bane
prime time rhyme crime
lone moan drone tone
lone moan drone tone

© nev2017

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