the tools by the plate are quite pro-bab-ly ei- ther
a knife or a fork or a spoon
if breakfast is porridge choose that which is clearly
not wielded to cut or harpoon
the tools on the table for dinner at night are
a fork and a knife and a spoon
the best one by far is the one that is used to
put cream on the sweet macaroon

if fashion dictates the right courses to eat with
the knife or the spoon or the fork
just divert the etiquette fuzz from their task with
some outrageous courteous talk
the cutlery buckets at buffets for choosing
a spoon or a knife or a fork
ensure that the diners can pick what they like of
the fish or the peas or the pork

utensils for food will quite often to be neither
a spoon nor a fork nor a knife
a straw or some chopsticks or wafers of rice meal
just wing it and keep out of strife
a meal when your tramping can often be lacking
a fork or a spoon or a knife
just slice with the sheath-blade and feed with your fingers
pack up and get on with your life

© nev2017

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