garden gnomes
nursery rhyme #12

My Grandparents were garden gnomes
that mowed their lawns quite short
they lived beside the birdbath and
played croquet of a sort

My Grandad wore a bowling hat
while weeding in the sun
My Grandma line-danced in the rain
because it wasn't done

He liked to plant out vegetables
in taut and straight-line rows
She liked to tend the flower beds
and enter in the shows

He sowed a row of radish seed
that sprouted on the spot
and several redish capsicum
where temperatures were hot

She planted out her pansy plants
on every other week
and watered special Allium
if summer dried the creek

He pulled a heap of beetroot up
and boiled them for an hour
She thinned a bunch of Daucus out
and cooked them sweet and sour

Their tendrilled climbing legume vines
were plump and podly pea-ed
and just a single Parsnip plant
had bolted off to to seed

they kept their greenish finger tips
in gloves of gardening green
and hid behind the compost bins
in places never seen

© nev2016

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© nev2016