i think i'll play a circus clown
and dress up by my bed
to act a part of great renown
and on the boards will tread
my left shoe has an "A" of brown
my right a yellow "Zed"
to stop by socks from falling down
i'll stand upon on my head
then sing and dance around the town
with nose all painted red
and wear my hat on upside-down
to catch the rain instead

the big top tent of circus arts
where sawdust fills the ring
is where a world of wonder starts
and i can do my thing
with slips and slides and noisy farts
and falling off a swing
a klaxon up my nether parts
parps every time i sing
my baggy pants hide lollie hearts
which everywhere i fling
to climb up all the talent charts
and happy laughter bring

© nev2016

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